Monday, January 02, 2006

A for another year ...

A for another year.
2006 will be the year I want to use to do Antwerp justice by writing an ABC about the city I also happen to live in.

I was stimulated to take up this project because I recently read in someone's blog that Belgium would be boring. The man who wrote this only stayed here for one day, taking part in a training for mountainbikers. Other than training facilities, there was little time for him to explore or other discover the most diverse features that make not only Antwerp but Belgium as a whole very interesting and appealing for foreigners.

The aim of this blog is to provide an ABC to Antwerp for every visitor!
Antwerp is visited by tourists, businesspeople, 'folks just passing through', sailors, politicians. For whatever reason you want to visit Antwerp, this blog should provide you with the information you are looking for!


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