Thursday, January 05, 2006

An ABC about daily life in Antwerp, Belgium

Finally I'm able to publish the list of topics I want to discuss in this blog!

A: Apple?
A: Antwerp, the oldest district of the City.
A: Art and art galeries, past and present
A: Alternative medicine: useful or just invented to make quacks rich?
A: Alternative music: meet some creative Antwerp musicians...
A: Alternative theatre: absurd or confronting the inhabitants with some of their bad habits?
A: Actors
A: Absurd traffic situations and how to handle them!

B: Books and where to find them
B: Beach?!
B: Beer!
B: Berchem, one of the districts of Antwerp
B: Berendrecht, one of the districts of Antwerp
B: Breakdancing
B: Borgerhout, one of the districts of Antwerp

C: Citylife
C: Citizens
C: City of Books
C: Culture
C: Cartoons and Comics
C: Colleges

D: Driving
D: Drinking
D: Dodoens
D: Dialect?
D: Digipolis
D: Doel, one of the villages neigbouring the harbour
D: Deurne, one of the districts of the city

E: Electricity
E: Eventually ...
E: E-mail
E: Extra
E: Ekeren, one of the districts of the city

F: Facts
F: Fashion
F: Food
F: Frogs
F: Fun
F: Foreigners
F: Films

G: Geography
G: Giraffes
G: Gender issues
G: Geese ...
G: Gardens
G: Garbage

H: Home
H: Houses
H: Harbour
H: Highschools
H: Hip-Hop
H: Hoboken, one of the districts of Antwerp

I: I, me, myself and I! What about me?
I: Intuition
I: Interesting
I: International
I: Issues
I: Industrial activities

J: Jeans
J: Junk
J: Jail
J: Jump
J: Jewelry

K: Kilo
K: Kilometres
K: Kallo, one of the villages neighbouring the harbour
K: Kangaroos

L: Living
L: Live music
L: Local celebrities
L: Local habits
L: Lillo, one of the districts of Antwerp
L: Linkeroever, on the left bank of the river Scheldt

M: Music
M: Markets
M: Magazines
M: Moments
M: Merksem, one of the districts of Antwerp

N: New
N: Noticable
N: Nightlife
N: Nationalities

O: Ooh!
O: Obsolete
O: Occasions
O: Old
O: Obsessions

P: Papers
P: Poets
P: Puke?
P: Pretty
P: Policemen and women
P: Politics and politicians

Q: Questions?
Q: Quests?
Q: Q-tips!
Q: Quiet?

R: Rasta
R: Racism
R: Red lights
R: Reggae
R: Restaurants
R: Round-abouts
R: Roads

S: Streets
S: Social services
S: Schools
S: Swings
S: Sweet?
S: Soccer
S: Sex in the city
S: Stand up comedians

T: Tan
T: Toys
T: Thinking ...
T: Taxi
T: Trees

U: Universities
U: Universal
U: Unique

V: Various

W: Water
W: What?!
W: Wilrijk, one of the districts of the city
W: Wonder
W: Wandering

X: X-files ...

Y: Youths
Y: Youthclubs

Z: Zandvliet, one of the districts of the city (last but not least)


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