Thursday, July 27, 2006

Living in Antwerp, Belgium: B for buses: an update of what really happened on busline 23 ...

Living in Antwerp, Belgium: B for buses .... (in memoriam for a brave man)

This is an update of a story I wrote before. At the time (Manic) commented "It's seems he wasn't quite that polite. The youngsters and some other sources say that the guy grabbed on of them to the troat and that kid almost suffocated if the train driver didn't let go by the punches. Don't know if it's true, but if it's true the guy isn't so innocent."
It was still early days into the investigation. A few days ago I read the full story in a magazine. Seems Manic was right and the truth is even worse.
Of course nobody should have died and I pity the man's family.
No this man wasn't as innocent as he first seemed to be.
I think it is only fair to tell the 2 sides of the story.
Currently, I'm translating the article I read. It's quite an indept story. I hope to be finished by tomorrow.


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