Sunday, August 13, 2006

C for comments ...

As you can notice, the last time I wrote an article on this blog was on July, 28th.
Since then I've been busy taking topic unrelated comments of my blog. I'm aware I tackled a very sensitive subject by translating an extensive magazine article by a well respected Belgian journalist, who had to courage to try and put things in perspective.

No, I haven't been threatened by extreme right wing parties, but I have spent the last days just taking loads of topic unrelated comments of my blog. The comments kept popping up in all of my posts. Even the posts that had nothing to do with the incident I was describing.

For now, I feel sorry for those who want to write serious comments, but I want to preserve the integrity of my blog of what is left of it. So for now on, it's no longer possible to comment on my blog. Those who want to contact me, mail me, say what you have to say but don't send me your silly links. They will be deleted or ignored, so why bother bothering me then?

Well for those who need it,

Love and Light,