Monday, January 09, 2006

Antwerp, the oldest district of the city?

When I first started working on this blog, I was under the impression that Antwerp, being called the first district, effectively was the oldest district of our town. It certainly is the core district of our town!

Before I start writing an article, it's only natural that, first and foremost, some thorough research is needed to get things right! Getting stuck in some books helps, browsing the internet helps ... I remember from the history lessons at highschool that the Romans were the first to mention names of places that still can be found around Antwerp today ...

Around 250 BC, the river Scheldt was called Scaldis, the river Schijn was called Scina, the neighbourhood Kiel was called Caloes and the district Deurne was called Thurini ... The name 'Antwerp' is mentioned for the first time around the 7th century, not as a city, but as what was later to become the whole province of Antwerp.

You must be wondering what the rivers and the mentioned districts look like today? Well one of my New Year's resolutions this year is, to always carry my digital camera with me!

I now realize that this post will need some time to complete!

In short this article is turning out somewhat different from what I thought it would be!

Normally, sites are under construction, well it seems that I have a post on my hand that'll stay under construction for some time.


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