Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Antwerp comedians, Gaston Berghmans

This is a picture of Gaston Berghmans, Antwerps most famous comedian!
He turned 80 years old earlier this year. His funniest, most hilarious and best know sketch is a phone conversation during which Gaston plays an approximately 8 or 9 year old child answering the phone at a time his parents aren't home.

I wasn't able to find any footage of the average sketch, but let me assure you, every person in Antwerp knows the following sentence by heart: 'Joske, Joske Vermeulen, meneir, Trammezandlei 122 Schoten!!!' (when the boy is asked who's answering the phone.)

However I did find one picture on Google which gives an idea of the original ... During the sketch the character 'Joske' is repeating the address above so many times that even today, mail is being sent to the address mentioned above!

But beware, though the Trammezandlei is an existing street, it runs through 2 communities: Merksem and Schoten ... Number 122 actually is a house in Merksem! For the sake of phonetics and the funny prononciation in Antwerp dialect, the comedian chose to use the part of the Trammezandlei that runs through Schoten... But in case you would want to try to write to Antwerp's most known address, I bet every postman here will know what you mean ;)