Sunday, January 15, 2006

Art by unknown artists!

In Antwerp, many museums and art galleries are to be found!
Some artists are well known, others are unknown!

Please enjoy this picture of an unknown artist!

This oilpainting is of the hand of Kamiel Riske, during his lifetime (born in Antwerp on May 8th 1921 - deceased in Essen, near Antwerp on August 6th 1999) Kamiel always was a very productive and enthusiastic artist.

Throughout his life, Kamiel's style of painting changed a lot. He's produced a lot of work, from a very young age on and in doing so, his work evoluated towards the end of his life to a very different style indeed!

The heirs of Kamiel Riske happen to be my aunt and uncle. I've promised them to set up an online gallery in honour of Kamiel. I'm currently preparing a blog about the extraordinary life of this artist. To be able to do so, I spent a lot of time gathering information about the life of Kamiel and my boyfriend was so kind to take pictures of most of his existing works!

But Kamiel is just one of Antwerp's unknown artists ... They'll be dealt with in another blog!

Nowadays things are improving for unknown artists in Antwerp. One of the galleries I like most, happens to specialize in art by beginning artists.

Do you want to take a look? Enter the world of


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