Friday, June 09, 2006

A for alternative music - meet some Antwerp Musicians

Meet some of my favourite Antwerp musicians!

Axl Peleman, my favourite contemporary blues musician
Deus, yes, they really are from Belgium,
The Internationals, an Antwerp Ska Band (so you can listen to the music)
Savannah Station, an Antwerp reggae band: (so you can listen to the music)
Ferre Grignard, sadly died in 1981, he can be described as our local John Lennon. (I wonder how Ferre would react, seeing his name mentioned in websites)
The Kids, the first Antwerp punk band
Wannes Van de Velde, the best known Antwerp folksinger.
John Lundstrom, folk singer (°1919 - +1990). Sadly today, there is not a lot of information available concerning John Lundstrom. Many of his songtexts got lost over the years ...

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