Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Absurd traffic situations and how to handle them

At this moment, a lot of road works are going on in and around Antwerp.
By this I mean, you must be either a very experienced driver to survive in Antwerp, or you must be ... local and used to all kinds of crazy situations!

Let me give you an overview:
Last year the highway around Antwerp was being repaired and we had to use secondary roads to arrive at our destination. Now the secondary roads need to be repaired and emergency bridges had to be towed away, so the highway is full and accidents happen every day.

Meanwhile, there are also road works going on in the centre of the city. If you don't know the shortcuts, driving through Antwerp is bound to make you nervous!

Next, traffic signs can be very confusing here: sometimes you will find signs telling you to do opposite things! Pretty confusing...

Last but not least, the average Antwerp driver is not very patient. It happens to me more than once a day that someone loses his/her temper because I mind cyclist and tend to stop to let pedestrians cross the street at a zebra crossing ...


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