Thursday, June 22, 2006

B for books and where to find them

Well you are most likely to find books in the city library:

Then there some renomated second hand bookshops like De Slegte:
This shop is very well known in Antwerp. But what the inhabitants of Antwerp tend to forget is that De Slegte is in fact a Dutch firm!

My second favourite is 'Het Boekenvoordeel'

But in and around the city smaller second hand bookshops are to be found!
Whenever you come to Antwerp you must visit the Statiestraat in the district of Berchem and the Hoogstraat in the centre of Antwerp.

Do you want to buy new books?
Well, FNAC and Standaardboekhandel are the best known and biggest shops in town.
There's only one FNAC in Antwerp, to be found at the Groenplaats, near to the cathedral
Standaard Boekhandel however, has got many shops across town!

Well most books you find in the shops or the library will be in Dutch, but the library has got an extensive collection of books in foreign languages and also in Fnac and Standaardboekhandel you can find books in common foreign languages like English and French!


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